Mind the Gap

Mind the Gap
Satchie Noro, dancer, Dimitri Hatton, circus artist and clown, Samuel Dutertre, dancer, and Silvain Ohl, builder, come together to create Mind the gap, a stunning choreographic piece based on an unstable installation.
With its alternating construction and deconstruction, turbulent floor space and vertical axes, the scenography of Mind the Gap is an architectural space with precarious balancing points. A rugged yet teetering tower throws its menacing silhouette into the heart of an urban cityscape.
Entering into contact with it are three figures who move carefully yet audaciously, bursting forth with healthy solidarity. The slightest movement on their part could upset the structure’s entire balance of power, a structure in a state of perpetual collapse.
At the heart of this avalanche of matter, they are twisting, bending, falling, gathering themselves again, catching themselves, adapting to the impossible, searching for a subtle equilibrium of masses. 
The three performers are simultaneously operators of this curious installation and actors within it. They engage in acts of bravery: plugging the gaps, piling up the scattered debris, erecting dikes.
Shaping the surrounding chaos in order, perhaps, to build a better world. After all, why not?

Conception: Dimitri Hatton, Satchie Noro, Silvain Ohl
Directed by: Dimitri Hatton
Performance: Dimitri Hatton, Satchie Noro, Samuel Dutertre
Music written and performed by: Florian Satche
Construction: Silvain Ohl 
Sound management: Vincent Mallet
Lighting design: Thierry Arlot

30 March 2019 at Fontenay en Scènes 
during the Val de Marne “Biennale de Danse”

A co-production between: Studio Théâtre de Vitry, la Briqueterie - CDCN du Val de Marne, Fontenay en Scènes, Le Monuments Nationaux, le Théâtre de Corbeil-Essonnes / Communauté d’Agglomération Grand Paris Sud Seine-Essonne-Sénart. 
Support: Les Noctambules - Lieu de Fabrique in Nanterre, Le théâtre Brétigny - scène conventionnée
With the support of: Direction Régionale des Affaires Culturelles d’Île-de- France – Ministry of culture and communication,  the Île de France region and the Val-de-Marne département.

Coming Dates 2020
March 17 (in door)/ Scène Nationale of Orléans "Ça tricote au théâtre"
May 23 / "Plages de Danse" of the  Centre culture l'Hermine / Venue : Port Saint-Jacques à Sarzeau
May 31 / "Festival TempsDanse #4 - Danse et Espace Public" of La coopérative De Rue et De Cirque (2r2c) à Paris
June 13 and 14 / Birmingham Inter. Dance Festival (UK)
June 27 /  ​"Festival en Pratiques" in Vatan (36)
July 8 / "Les Mercredis du Port"  in Port Saint Louis du Rhône (13)
September 19 / Théâtre de Châtillon (92)